Pyle Pro Guitar PPDLUW2 Ultra Wah


Pyle Pro Guitar

  • Killer WAW Pedal—Offers Auto-WAH Effects For All Styles And Sounds
  • Control The WAH Effect With Your String-Picking Strength And Add An Awesome Funky Touch With The Modulation WAH
  • Dedicated Sensitivity, Manual, Depth And Rate Controls For Awesome Sound Shaping
  • First-Class Electronic On/Off Switch For Highest Signal Integrity In Bypass Mode
  • High-Quality Components And Exceptionally Rugged Construction Ensure Long Life
  • Blue Status LED For Effect On/Off And Battery Check
  • 9 V Battery Or The DC Power Supply (Not Included)
  • Dimensions: 4.9”D x 2.76”W x 2.12”H

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