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Here it is, the Triton Sputnik Fuzz in a mini size enclosure. Perfect for those who wants the sound of the Triton Sputnik Fuzz and doesn't have much pedalboard real estate. Unlike its bigger brother, the mini Triton Sputnik Fuzz uses regular printed circuit board that is hand wired to external components. No surface mounted components here. The volume knob (the clear one) lights up when the pedal is on. The pedal only operates on a 9v power adapter. I highly recommend powering the pedal with Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 (or equivalent isolated power supply) for noise free operation.

The Triton Sputnik Fuzz is a combination between a Fuzz Face and a Big Muff. It has a tight mid range and copious amounts of low end. The circuit board is hand wired using a hybrid turret board that is built by hand.

The controls are volume, tone, fat switch and gain switch. The unity level for the volume is about 1 o'clock. The tone control works as a high cut so that you could take down the grittiness of the fuzz. The tone control is also reminiscent of the Big Muff tone structure. The Sputnik tone structure is focused on the most useful range allowing the fuzz to be musical at any setting. The fat switch adds low end when it gets turned on. The gain switch allows you to select between two different gain settings. When the toggle switch is down, it works with a trim pot on the inside so you can set it for a lower gain setting. When the switch is up, the gain is full on balls-to-the-wall. Alternatively, you can use your volume control on the guitar to control the gain for a more subtle adjustment on the fly. While the pedal sounds great with full gain, it also sounds great with a lower gain fuzz (whether you use the switch or the guitar volume knob).

  • What:
    • medium gain fuzz with lots of low end and focused mid range that reacts well to picking dynamics.
  • Controls:
    • Volume
    • Tone
    • Fat switch
    • Gain switch
  • Perfect For:
    • Someone looking for a fuzz with overdrive characteristics and versatility. Also great for lower gain usage or to stack in front of a cranked tube amp or an overdrive pedal.

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