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The Hand Wired version of the San B Overdrive is constructed using a turret terminal circuit board. This type of construction has been used in vintage amps and effects. It is a very reliable method of circuit board construction that is logical and repairable. The Low Gain version (comes in Fuzz Gold) is great as a clean boost to mid-gain overdrive.

The controls are Volume, Tone and Gain. The Bright switch cuts the low end for a tone that cuts through the mix. The Tone control works as a high cut control. When the Tone knob is at max, the control or the high is at unity. To achieve a brighter tone at this setting, you can engage the bright switch. The Tone control helps to cut down the grittiness at a higher gain setting and allows you to get a smoother tone. The buffer switch allows the pedal to be buffered or true bypass. The buffer circuit opens up the overdrive tone and characteristics while preserves the integrity of the guitar signal even when the pedal is bypassed. For those looking to use the pedal as strictly true-bypass, just flip the buffer switch off and the buffer circuit is completely bypassed. While the pedal would sound great on its own, it can be perfect for someone looking to use the pedal as a clean boost or a mid-gain drive to push the amp further.

Push+Pull Pedals San B Overdrive Features:

  • Hand Wired
  • constructed using a turret terminal circuit board
  • true-bypass
  • buffer switch
  • buffer circuit is completely bypassed


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