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Based on the Dual Buffer, this PURE TONE Custom Buffer pedal features an auxiliary output, which is used to feed a signal to a Tuner. This signal is identical to the main Output signal but has additional isolation components to ensure that interference signals, which may be generated in a tuner, are not fed back to the amplifier. 
When the Tuner mode is engaged, a "Mute" mode is set and the Tuner can be used.

The Buffers retain your guitar and amps original tone just like you had a really short cable and nothing else in the chain. It restores your audible amount of high end clarity and dynamics loss and provided you with the perfect final result of clear, natural tone that sounds like you're plugged straight into your amplifier.

Now you can use the  optimal placement for two buffers with a dedicated TUNER Out option. The first Input/Output near the first of your pedal chain and the second Input/Output at the end of the effects chain, just before the amplifier. Use the Tuner Out option to tune your guitar without any interference. Use the jack to connect to your tuner, when engaged a "Mute" mode is set.

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