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Our PURE TONE Buffer is a transparent signal buffer which is designed to preserve your overall pure tone. Tone loss occurs as a result of signal long cable run, use of multiple instrument cables, mismatching pedals, low input impedance or non true bypass pedals and the use of many pedals connected in series. To solve this, we developed our high quality buffer which features a discreet Class-A amplifier to get the best ?sound quality (unlike class-B preamps found in most buffered pedals that color the tone). Class-A circuits are preferred due to reduced zero cross distortion, improved phase response and the resulting smooth Bessel curve of evenly cascading harmonics.

The Buffer retains your guitar and amps original tone just like you had a really short cable and nothing else in the chain. It restores your audible amount of high end clarity and dynamics loss and provided you with the perfect final result of clear, natural tone that sounds like you're plugged straight into your amplifier.

The optimal placement for a buffer is usually near the first of your pedal chain, it can also be used at the end of the effects chain, just before the amplifier, especially if you have a lot of true bypass effects pedals. If you are using a vintage fuzz pedal we recommend placing the Buffer after those devices to retain their characteristics and relationship with your instrument's electronics. These are just suggestions, like always it's always best to experiment to get your own tone. If you have a large pedal board we do recommend running two of these one at the front of the chain and one at the end of the chain (Or just use our Dual or Custom Buffer).

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