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Our Active AB/Y Channel Selector pedal lets you send your input to either the A or B outputs, or to both simultaneously. It has two footswitches, one selects between channel A and channel B and the other turns both channels on at the same time.

It comes with the added benefits of being active and so having both Channel A and B outputs going via isolation transformers. With the pedal being active it means that there will be no signal loss when the input signal is split to both outputs, so all outputs are identical in signal level so there will be no difference in performance by changing outputs and having output B going via an isolation transformer means there will be no ground hum ("ground loops") issues, but in any case you will encounter any ground loops due to faulty amplifier grounding, channel B was fitted with an independent ground isolation on/off toggle switch. When using more than one amplifier there is a possibility of the second amplifier being out of phase with the first, so we fitted a toggle switch on the rear of the pedal that reverses the phase of output B incase there are any phase issues when using both amps. 

The way to test this is to use just one amp, then add the second. The volume should increase slightly and be "fuller". If there is a reduction in volume or bass when the second amp is added then that one is out of phase. The Channel Selector offers low impedance outputs to drive long guitar cables without the loss of tone or level. High-intensity LEDs make it easy to read off switching state A or B, or A and B, even under high-power spots. With an optional Tuner out to provide a direct output enabling permanent isolated connection of a tuner, regardless of whether which output is selected.

Our Channel Switching System is the ultimate stand-alone, maximum signal-fidelity tool that was designed to allow you to use several amps, in a multitude of ways, both safely and quietly to route your guitar into multiple amplifiers without any “ground loop hum” utilizing  low-noise active circuitry and high quality transformers and other top of the line components. The pedal is powered via the 9v Boss style 2.1mm DC socket (centre negative). please ensure your amps are connected to a reliable power ground at all times.

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