Psionic Audio Telos


Psionic Audio (August 16, 2010)

Introducing the Psionic Audio Telos, combining a world-class buffer, clean boost, and overdrive all in one small high quality pedal.

Psionic Audio

High quality buffer with huge headroom and extremely low noise floor to preserve your tone from guitar to amp, no matter what stands in the path.

Musical, responsive overdrive, with control over high end and low end response and a choice of clipping voicings for complete tonal flexibility.

Boost Modes
Choose between "Pure Gain" (the perfect clean boost) and "Soft Drive" for natural-sounding light overdrive. Defaults to Soft Drive when boosting the Overdrive.


  • Hi Cut rolls off frequencies above 7.2KHz to sound less harsh into a bright amp.
  • Lo Cut rolls off frequencies below 724Hz resulting in an upper midrange emphasis.
  • Voice selects between a more aggressive, brighter sound and a smoother, darker sound.
  • Solo Level - adjustable output level increase when both Boost and Drive are active.
  • Boost Level and Tone controls active when Soft Drive mode is selected or both Boost and Drive are engaged.
  • Dirt - adjusts the amount of overdrive heard in Soft Drive mode.
  • Pure Gain / Soft Drive - selects between Pure Gain and Soft Drive modes. Telos defaults to Soft Drive mode when Boost and Drive are both engaged.
  • 1/8" Stereo Jack allows for remote switching of both Boost and Drive modes. Ensures the Telos may be rack mounted without sacrificing full functionality.
  • 2.1mm tip-negative 9vdc power supply connection.
  • Post-buffer post-boost insert loop with separate Send and Return jacks. Send does not defeat internal signal path, providing a signal split point. Return ground is lifted with RFI protection. Ground lift may be defeated by internally accessible switch.

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