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PROBLEM : For some styles of guitar, it can be difficult to get a clean boost for leads. Traditional boosts can be mushy in front of a high gain amp, and using boosts or EQs in an effects loop often adds noise and tonal change (extreme when the loop is low impedance and the device is high impedance).

SOLUTION : the Lumos, designed for use with low impedance effects loops at line or consumer level, with no noise, no timbral change, and no hassles. In conjunction with a high quality series effects loop or between a preamp and power amp, the Lumos allows the player to have a true clean boost for solos, with no timbral change or added noise.

Use a foot switch or MIDI-controlled normally open switch to control the Lumos remotely, keeping the audio path short and simplifying connections to the rack or amp.

Turn the Lumos on for max level, then set your master volume or power amp to the level you want for solos. Turn the Lumos off, then turn down the Lumos level knob to set your "normal" level. Then switch back and forth with no click or pop, and enjoy the same tone at different volumes.

The Lumos is not in regular stock, but we can make one for you with a 7 business day turnaround. Let us know that you want one, and we will send you an invoice when the Lumos is complete and tested.

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