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The Psionic Audio Lava Flow is a guitar line selector that is the one of the most comprehensive and versatile A/B/Y selectors available on the market today. Housed in a rugged 18-gauge powder coated steel enclosure, the Lava Flow is a unique path selector that enables guitarists to enjoy many of the creative possibilities of MIDI without the complexities. The Psionic Audio Lava Flow features 3 isolated send and returns; a foot switch out; a high quality noninvasive input buffer to prevent signal loss for long cable runs; and a special isolation transformer to prevent ground loops.

Both the Lava Flow line selector's buffer and isolation transformers can be turned on or off via a switch inside the unit. The foot switch capability enables guitarists to leave the Lava Flow on their pedal board even when using just one amp. Through the 3 separate effects loops, guitarists can run isolated separate effects while selecting either Amp A or Amp B, as well as effects and pedals that are typically used for both, such as a Wah and a tuner.


  • Three isolated send and returns
  • Foot switch out
  • High-quality non-invasive input buffer
  • Special isolation transformer
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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