Prune Works Moan Sender MkI


The Moan Sender Mk I fuzz - it's based on the Tonebender Mk I but with a twist. It is built point-to-point on stripboard. It has a CV5416 (military version of the OC84)and a pair of AC128s under the hood along with Philips & Panasonic caps. These will be limited to no more than 25 pedals. The Tonebender Mk I is a crazy & wild pedal that makes you feel like it's about to go out of control at any time. I went for maximim sustain on this one so it turned out even more wild than most other versions. The original is an archaic design (one of the first fuzz pedals) and is primitive in terms of doing what it is supposed to. It has "artifacts" like the originals - these are radio interference due to the extreme gain and oscillation. That said, it's a fun pedal to play but dont think controlled. Everything in this thing has been chosen for tone and quality and it is super solid for road use.


  • Tough, cast aluminum Pedal Enclosures brand enclosure (larger box about 5x4x1.5 with sloped front)
  • True-bypass heavy-duty Carling true-bypass footswitch
  • 3 1960s production specially matched transistors (1- CV5416 (military OC84), 2- AC128s)
  • Alpha 24mm pots
  • Switchcraft enclosed jacks
  • Stripboard point-to-point construction
  • Carbon film 1/2w resistors
  • Teflon-coated wire
  • Shielded wire

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