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Plum Crazy FX

The King Rasp is my take on my beloved 1969 Vox Tone Bender with a few extra twists.  The Vox Tone Bender is a raspy little devil and very close to the Fuzz Face (but with more treble & less bass).  My version is built point-to-point on 1/8" turret board with double turrets.  It has a CV7355 (military version of the 2n1309) and a CV7003s (military version of the OC44) under the hood along with a easy-change 9v battery drawer, vintage Tropical Fish caps and vintage Allen Bradley Carbon Comp resistors.  This is a prototype - this is the last of 5 I did with this version 2.0.  I'll be making a few last changes before this becomes a regular addition to the Plum Crazy FX lineup.  This one is a deal at $150 - when the final ones start rolling out, I'll be charging $200 so I can actually make some money from the effort of hand-built turretboard building.   This is one has a high/low switch for the original sound or a meatier sound.  Both are great & grindy with both single coils and humbuckers - this one actually cleans up pretty well with humbucker which is not the usual thing with fuzz pedals.  Everything in this thing has been chosen for tone and quality and it is super solid for road use.


  • Tough, cast aluminum Eddystone enclosure (larger box about 6x4x2)
  • True-bypass heavy-duty Carling true-bypass footswitch
  • 2 Mil-spec, 1960s production specially matched transistors: 1 Texas Instruments CV7003 (military OC44), 1 CV7355
  • Citek 20mm pots
  • Switchcraft enclosed jacks
  • Turretboard point-to-point construction on 1/8th-inch thick amp fiberglass board with double turrets
  • Vintage Allen Bradley 1/2w Carbon Comp Resistors & Vintage Tropical Fish Cap
  • Teflon-coated wire
  • Shielded wire for quiet operation

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