Providence SDR-4 Sonic Drive



The Providence Sonic Drive is a responsive overdrive effect that gives the guitarist extraordinary expressive capability in a wide range of playing situations, from rhythm to lead. Even with distortion applied, excellent definition and balance are achieved from the first through sixth strings. At lower gain settings it's possible to pound out powerful chords with fast attack and a wild edge that stands out clearly from a wall of sound. Turn up the gain for a smoother lead sound that responds intimately to picking nuances.

In a normal True-Bypass circuit, in bypass mode the audio signal passes through two switch contacts. But in the SONIC DRIVE, in bypass mode the audio passes through a single contact, thanks to a single contact true-bypass circuit. The result is much higher sound quality and reliability than that provided by previously existing products.

The new FAT switch provides low range control. Turning ON the FAT switch increases the low range gain, resulting in a fatter sound.

The LED in the SONIC DRIVE doesn't just indicate the ON/OFF status of the effect, it also functions as a battery voltage monitor. If the battery voltage drops to less than about 7V, the LED starts to go out. In this case, the pedal effect is still output, but the battery should be replaced to ensure sufficient operation.

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