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Tosin Abasi Signature Overdrive

The Pro Tone Pedals’ Tosin Abasi Overdrive is Tosin’s take on the Pro Tone Dead Horse. With his signature drive, Tosin took advantage of the multiple iterations the Dead horse has seen over the last 5 years- pulling aspects and technical specifications from several different models to form an amalgamation all his own.

The 6-way Filter switch gives pre-set frequency response curves and low-end definition Tosin is famous for. These frequencies were carefully selected to offer the widest range of flexibility for any musical genre.

The definition of the drive structure sits squarely between the mellowness of the Dead Horse and the aggressive structure of the Dead Horse Deluxe.

The Tosin Abasi Signature Overdrive is available for pre-order now. Shipping begins November 1st. The first 100 orders will be signed and numbered by Tosin himself.


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