Pro Tone Pedals Lithium


Pro Tone (2007)

The Lithium Analog Chorus is an amazing sounding mono chorus pedal that gives you the ability to recreate vintage chorus tones of the past or to create your own astonishing chorusing and vibrato effects.

The Rate control travels from a nearly inaudibly slow rate to ludicrous-speed providing versatility and range unavailable in most chorus pedals.

The depth control allows you to fluctuate the strength from a soft & easy chorusing effect to a warbling mess that would make Cobain proud.

The Lithium features:

  • The legendary Texas Instruments 4558 op amp
  • Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or optional BOSS style adapter.
  • True By Pass stomp switch built to withstand 30,000 stomps.
  • Aluminum housing with atough-as-nails powder coat finish.
  • Color Coded LED for easy onstage identification
  • Proudly made in Texas, USA.

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