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Pro Tone (2007)

The Pro Tone Wah circuit is unlike any other on the market today. The main difference is the presence of 2 inductors, one vintage design and one modern design. These dual inductors give you the flexibility of 3 wahs in 1 unit- you get the vintage tone from the Vintage Yellow Fasel Inductor, you'll get huge headroom from the Red Fasel Inductor and for massive tone you can run the inductors in series, making for the fullest wah sound available.

There are countless pedal builders/modifiers that will give you an entire menu of selections that can be done to your existing Wah Wah pedal. We're offering one mega wah with the following features:

  • True ByPass switching for tone preservation.
  • Selectable dual inductors that run in series or individually.
  • Master volume control .
  • External Sweepable Q to adjust the peak of the sound.
  • External Saturation control to adjust how much signal is being fed to the circuit.
  • Hendrix Hot Pot for legendary sweep conrol.
  • Proudly made in Texas, USA.

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