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Introducing the Buzzard Overdrive...

An impressively amp-like pedal, with unbelievable touch sensitivity. This pure analog pedal is a low to medium gain overdrive and was designed with flexibility in mind.

In addition to being guitar and bass friendly, the Buzzard is happy playing hard rocking stoner metal sludge or classic rock (hence the name) standards.

Because we wanted to make a versatile pedal for both bass and guitar, we went with a Baxandall EQ. The bottom line… Baxandall EQs sound good, its just that simple.

Push the Treble and Bass controls and the mids will scoop allowing your bass guitar to fit into the mix of your band… Plus as you push the EQ harder, you'll get more more grit.

Ease back on the EQ and you're mids will re-appear… but without any nasty mid-range honk.

Enough jibber-jabber, lets let the Buzzard Overdrive speak for itself.

  • Gain, Treble, Bass, and Volume controls
  • Operates on a standard 9v battery or BOSS style adapter (negative tip)
  • True Hardwire Bypass with grounded input for noise free operation
  • Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Super-Bright LED for easy onstage identification
  • Proudly built by hand in Crossroads, Texas

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