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Pro Tone

The Body Rot III heavy metal distortion pedal

Its common knowledge that Pro Tone was the 1st to build boutique high gain boxes… so we’re just following in our own tradition.

The BR3 is the most versatile, aggressive, and all-round heavy in the Body Rot series.

Of course we’ve crammed a metric shit-ton of gain into this box, (it is a high gain distortion pedal after all) more than the previous 2 Body Rot models in fact… but we also wanted more flexibility from this pedal. So we aimed at covering a wide spectrum of metal tones- from classic rock & metal like Judas Priest, Billy Idol, Black Stone Cherry, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden to modern acts such as In Flames, Job For A Cowboy, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, and Gojira.

In order to deliver that flexibility we knew it had to clean up well. Bottom line- no 1-trick-pony here.

Sweeping through the gain control you’ll come across all shades of vintage and modern distortions, some thick ballsy blues crunch and some good ole fashioned rock and roll overdrive.

Additionally, we’ve added a shape switching toggle giving you the option to select a more modern tone that cuts through the mix or a thicker low end heavy vintage tone for long nights of sludgy doom metal.

The 3 band EQ offers a wide range of tonal possibilities- scoop the mids out for the traditional metal tones, or cut the low, boost the mids and grab the modern djent metal tones.

  •     Gain, Treble, Mids, Bass, and Volume controls
  •     Shape toggle switch to further customize your tone
  •     Operates on a standard 9 volt negative tip BOSS style adapter
  •     True Hardwire Bypass for noise free operation
  •     Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
  •     Durable aluminum housing
  •     Neutrik Jacks
  •     Proudly built by hand in the USA

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