Prostage XLS 1U 19" Loop & Switch System


The XLS Loop & Switch System controls your complete guitar rig, all your effects and amplifiers. Whether you need to loop effect units, mute the signal to tune your guitar, switch amplifier channels or certain functions of your devices - the XLS manages everything reliably.

The system becomes remote-controlled with one of the 4 Foot Controller models. Using the 8 switches and the store button at the XLS, the loops can also be switched manually and presets can be stored.

  • 19” 1U Loop & Switch System
  • Different configurations: 1 or 2 independent groups, each providing 4 effect Send/Returns or 4 A/B switches (e.g. control of amplifier channels).
  • Hard bypass => send your signal only to the effects you’re using. Therefore no signal loss, no noise caused by effect units that are not used.
  • The effects are switched by gold plated relays.
  • ClickFree switching technology for crackle-free switching.
  • All features of the XTMpro.
  • Made exclusively of high-quality components (e.g. Neutrik® plugs).
  • Installation depth: 17,5 cm / appx. 30cm with jack plugs.

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