Prostage XDS Drawer Loop & Switch System


Build your own 19“ Effects device using your prefered stompboxes! Replace an effect whenever you like. Your pedalboard in rack size!

Control your effects using the innovative Prostage XDS Loop & Switch System which allows remote control of up to 8 pedal effects. The stompboxes are fitted in a 19” 3U rack drawer, which protects them and prevents cable clutter.

Compared to conventional pedal boards, this system provides much higher reliability, better audio quality as well as faster put up / take down. It requires only 1 cable between effect rack and front of the stage.

The stompboxes are remote-controlled by using one of the 4 different Prostage Foot Controllers. Using the 8 switches and the store button at the XDS, the stompboxes can also be switched manually and presets can be stored.

  • 19” 3U rack drawer
  • Up to 8 stompboxes can be integrated into the system ("Boss" size, conneted using Neutrik right-angle plugs).
  • Hard bypass => send your signal only to the stompboxes you’re using. Therefore no signal loss, no noise caused by stompboxes that are not used.
  • Different configurations: 4 or 8 loops for stompboxes; 4 loops and 4 A/B switches (e.g. control of amplifier channels).
  • The effects are switched by gold plated relays.
  • ClickFree switching technology for crackle-free switching.
  • 6 completely isolated power supplys (4-9V DC adjustable, 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC, 9V AC and 12V AC). Short-circuit-proof.
  • All features of the XTMpro.
  • Made exclusively of high-quality components (e.g. Neutrik® plugs).
  • Extreemly lightweight (4,4kg) thanks to its aluminium housing.
  • Installation depth: 38,5 cm
  • Drawer inner dimensions:
  • 42,8 cm width
  • 37,5 cm depth (33 cm deducting power supply area)
  • 8,2 cm height (the drawer is open towards the top; if you leave one rackspace free above the drawer, higher effects can also be installed)

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