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The Prostage Remote Volume lets you remotely control the level using a standard Expression Pedal. This means you no longer need to run guitar cables from your rack to the front of the stage and back. The Remote Volume is made by a 100% analog audio circuit, but it can be remotely controlled by MIDI. You can store several presets with different kinds how to control the volume:

  • Standart volume pedal (Mute to unity gain)
  • Slight volume reduction to lower the distortion a little bit
  • Solo Boost up to +30dB
To create presets you need either a software sequencer with a MIDI interface or the Prostage XTMpro adapter (or XDS / XLS). The System Manager software for the XTMpro adapter provides a clearly arranged window for the configuration of the Rrmote WahWah / Remote Volume.
  • Volume Control (VCA)
  • Volume Booster
  • pure analog audio circuit
  • digitally controlled (Midi)
  • Audio In/Out; Midi In/Thru
  • sturdy housing made of steel sheet
  • supply Voltage : 9V AC; 50mA
  • Dimensions (without mounting lugs): 145 x 86 x 44 mm

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