Prostage is owned by Lukas Truninger. In 2008 Lukas moved from Switzerland to Spain, where the products are developed and built now.

Timeline (by Lukas Truninger)

  • 2001: Build first prototype
  • 2002: Registered the TradeMark "Prostage"; Introduced first serial product, the X10pro foot controller
  • 2004: Founded the Company "Prostage Gmbh" (Switzerland)
  • 2007: Endorsement deal with Jared Hartmann, Flyleaf
  • 2007: Registered the TradeMark "StageWire"
  • 2007/08: Developed the next generation interconnecting system "StageWire" and added the Loopers/Switchers to the product range.
  • 2008: Emigrated to Spain; founded the company "Prostage SL"
  • 2009/10: Developed the "Remote WahWah" and VCA
  • 2012: Endorsement deal with Wolf Hoffmann, Accept

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