Prophecysound Infinitphase MKII


  • Rate
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Symmetry
    controls the rise/fall or mark:space ratio of the LFO
  • Shape
    pans between triangle and square LFO waveshape
  • Depth
    controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps).
  • Range
    determines how many phase depth controls are cycled through by the LFO
  • Smooth
    adjustable sle-rate limiting of the changes between phase depth control settings
  • CVmix
    determine whether the phasing is controlled by the LFO, the phase depth controls, or a blend of both
  • Blend
    controls the mix of dry/wet signal
  • Resonance
    sets the amount of effected signal fed back into the effect (for a stronger effect)
  • Phase Depth Controls
    9 controls that are stepped through by the internal LFO, and which determine the phase depth when selected
  • LFO Height Control (optional)
    This mod consists of an extra control added to the rear of the infinitphase with which it is possible to adjust the centre frequency around which phasing occurs. This allows selection of phasing over lower frequencies only or higher frequencies only, or anywhere inbetween. On non-modded infinitphases the centre frequency is adjusted during the final stage of testing for optimum sweep range in conjunction with the depth control.
  • 4/8 Phase Stage (optional)
    switching between 4 and 8 phase stages
  • LFO Speed Toggle (optional)
    switches between two LFO speed ranges - normal and high. At high LFO rates the result is very similar to a true ring modulator, only the resultant tones are far more tweakable via the multitude of controls on the infinitphase affecting both the character of the modulating voltage control signal and also the characteristics of the processed audio.
  • S&H Engage
    allow selection of the internal step phase voltages LFO, or the control voltages produced by a classic S&H circuit.
  • S&H Rate
    allows control over the rate of change of the random effect. This mod produces a close approximation of 'classic' sample-and-hold-type sounds, while still allowing the user to retain full control over the nature of the phase/filtered tones produced. When blended with the internal triangle or square waveforms via the CV mix control, many new and wonderful sounds are possible!



Imagine the bastard child of an illicit union between a Mutron Biphase and a ZVex Seek Wah, and you'll be imagining something like the infinitphase. However, the infinitphase goes far beyond any existing phaser or sequenced device to offer:

  • extended LFO rate variable from .1Hz to 10Hz
  • triangle / sawtooth / square / pulse / blended LFO shapes OR step-phased tones OR a blend of both for phased / filter sounds that are out of this world
  • slew-rate limiting for step-phase control section producing classic sample-and-hold effects or meandering phase tones
  • positive AND negative resonance adjustable via a single control
  • an blend of wet and dry signals for subtle phase or outrageous vibrato
  • dimensions: 20.5cm W x D x 6cm H (to top of knobs): 8" W x 5.9" D x 2.4" H

The infinitphase's audio section is based on a Mutron Biphase channel (extended to a maximum of 8 phase stages) and, along with the simple yet flexible control section, allows users to emulate traditional phase tones or explore never-before-heard filtering / phase / vibrato / S&H effects.

  • hand assembled in Australia using quality components and professionally manufactured PCBs
  • all-analog, high-headroom signal path
  • heavy-duty construction utilising a custom-made, 1mm folded steel / powder-coated box
  • heavy-duty 3PDT stomp switch (enabling implementation of true-bypass with LED indicator) and Neutrik connectors for ruggedness and reliability
  • AC powered; internally regulated bipolar +/-15V power supply
  • improvements over MKI include double-sided PCB layout with separate analog and CV grounds; lower noise; 'true' blend control; better box design more protective of pots (note that picture to right is of version with LFO speed switch, LFO speed jack and 4/8 stage switch mods)




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