Prophecysound Black Sheep Fuzz



The BSF is a straight-out clone of that silicon fuzz of silicon fuzzes, the Roland AF-100 Bee-Baa. Well known for it's heavy and demonic sound, the Bee-Baa is one of those pedals that tend to sell for an uncomfortable sum, when you can find one. Three different BSFs are available, from the complete feature-accurate model down to the mini BSF that leaves out the booster and has the tone selector as a toggle rather than a footswitch - good for those with limited space on their pedal-boards!


  • hand assembled in Australia using quality components and PCB or perf
  • heavy-duty construction utilising Hammond 1590DD, 1590BB or 1590B diecast boxes
  • heavy-duty 3PDT stomp switch (enabling implementation of true-bypass with LED indicator); tone and boost/fuzz stompswitches are DPDT; Neutrik sockets for ruggedness and reliability
  • DC powered (regulated 9VDC supply with 2.1mm barrel connector, -VE tip, required); battery power an option
  • note: standard currently-shipping BSFs are in 'polished metal' finishes only for consistency with other PSS pedals; paint finishes are optional extras

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