Prophecysound Seven-Seventy-Seven Panning Phaser


  • Phase Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Feedback Depth
    feedback / LFO depth???
  • Phase Select (Left/Stereo/Right)
    selects the output of the phase signal?
  • Pan Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Phase (On/Off)
    turns the phaser on/off
  • Pan (On/Off)
    turns the pan effect on/off



Originally manufactured 30 years ago for only 3 years, the Ibanez FP-777 Flying Fan has become famous for it's mind-warping phase / tremolo / panned tones, and is one of the favourites of insane and wealthy pedal collectors. Behind the hype, however, is a practical pedal with very cool combinations of phase and tremolo adjustable via a minimum of controls, yet still capable of providing a wealth of sounds both classic and futuristic. The Prophecysound Systems 'Seven-Seventy-Seven' is a faithful reproduction of the original in both tone and function, yet is priced within the range of the working musician.


  • Phase Speed, Feedback Depth, Phase Select ('left', 'stereo', 'right') and Pan Speed controls
  • Phase and Tremolo/Pan sections individually switchable using heavy-duty 3PDT stomp switches; LED indication of section on or off
  • 'left' and 'right' outputs for stereo amp setups; Neutrik 1/4" sockets used for ruggedness and reliabilty
  • hand assembled, tested and calibrated in Australia using quality components and professionally manufactured PCBs
  • faithful reproduction of original, with metal film resistors and PCB ground plane utilised to minimise noise
  • operates from standard regulated 9VDC 2.1mm negative tip power supply
  • size is 7.38 "W x 4.7"D x 2.1"H


  • Q: Are there any internal adjustments that can be made to the sounds of the 777?
    A: Yes - the Flying Pan originally had 4 trimpots that were factory-calibrated, and three of these are 'exposed' on the 777 when the base of the pedal is removed to allow more adventurous users to experiment with different settings. One trimpot is for adjusting the centre of the phase sweep, whilst the other two are for adjusting the depth of the tremolo effect on the left and right channels. No damage can be caused by making these adjustments, even at each extreme, and a default calibration setting is marked clearly so you can return your unit to 'as-built specification' if you wish.
  • Q: How many phase stages are there in the phase portion of the 777?
    A: As per the original, there are 4 phasing stages.

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