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This is the Properboy "Pollute". It is a passive (meaning you do not need batteries) audio feedback looper that creates washes of feedback based on the pedals you have connected to it. This device sounds great on full wet without an audio input, but is also a very cool device to process audio, as the audio will alter the effect and modulate the feedback. The video examples will give you the best idea of what it sounds like in action. Pollute will create walls of feedback with delays, distortions, flangers, phasers, etc.... it is an experimental/noise design and as such is very open-ended in its application and a very slippery circuit for sure!

I often use mine with just a distortion pedal as this combo makes very pure sinewaves that I then re-sample. This box has a lot of sonic potential as the controls on your connected pedals will effect the loop and feedback as well, it all feels very modular when you get going with this effect as you are always tweaking knobs on pollute and your other effects to alter the sound, great device for a live noise show!

Enclosure is pro-grade die-cast with a hammered black finish. Your bid is for a unit similar to the one pictured. Ask any questions you may have prior to bidding. I ship with 24 hours of receiving payment so please be a fast payer. This will be a no reserve auction so bid to win. I stand behind my work and provide unlimited email support for my customers.

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