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Built-in and Selectable Distortion Now Available Directly on the Connector

JACKSON, MO, JANUARY 16, 2018 – RAT FX, known for its world-class distortion pedals, enters into the cable market with its first RAT Tail distortion cable at NAMM 2018 (RapcoHorizon Booth #11610). The new RAT Tail distortion cable offers guitarists a new way of achieving some of the effects of the Vintage RAT distortion pedals, as this cable is built using the same clipping diodes that drive Vintage RAT pedals’ signature distortion tones.

With two built-in ranges of distortion circuitry directly selectable on the connector, guitarists can shift seamlessly between settings with the connector’s easily accessible dial, without missing a beat. The RAT Tail distortion cable comes equipped with three settings, including true bypass, distortion overdrive with unity gain and distortion overdrive (+3dB of gain). 

“We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality distortion options on the market, which is why we utilized our expertise in the cabling market to innovate this new RAT Tail distortion cable,” says Darius Seabaugh, vice president of marketing for RHC. “We’re confident guitarists will recognize the benefit of having a full range of distortion options at their fingertips, no matter where they’re playing on the stage.”

From the very beginning, the RAT was destined to define “The Sound of the Underground.” It was, after all, born underground in the basement of the ProCo Sound factory in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. RAT has evolved from a single, hand built prototype into a family of the most versatile and most recorded distortion pedals in the world. The brand is now adding cables to its line-up, offering even more options for its customers to achieve the quality distortion that they have come to expect from RAT.

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