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Pro Co press release

Pro Co 1985 Whiteface Reissue RAT (12/08/09)

A Legend Returns

When we decided to reissue a RAT pedal, we all agreed that we didn't want to just pay lip service to the term “reissue.” That's not the way we do things at Pro Co. Instead, we tasked ourselves with recreating the RAT - the benchmark that set the standard by which all others are measured.

We followed exact specifications, researched and found the same components, utilized the original circuit board layout, and of course, added the essential LM308 Chip. The result of our efforts is the Limited Edition ‘85 Whiteface RAT, a RAT pedal worthy of its heritage.

It's all there, inside that ugly…that small, beautiful-ugly black indestructible steel box: “a sound as mellow as a vintage “twin”, or as bone-crushingly powerful as a battery of those famous English stacks - instantly, at any volume.”

From the sweet wail of the blues to the grinding raunch of the heaviest rock… the Pro Co Limited Edition '85 Whiteface RAT delivers.

This isn't just a reissue of your old RAT…

…this IS your old RAT.

(Production run is limited. Available as long as inventory lasts.)

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