Pro Co Juggernaut Bass Rat



  • Distortion Amount
  • Distortion Tone
  • Distortion Volume
  • Mix
  • Master Volume
  • Rat
  • Master On/Off


Pro Co (2004-2007)

For 25 years, discerning guitarists have used the Rat's magic distortion. Now, bass players can have their own radically different sound designed specifically for the bass. The Juggernaut provides three functions: a versatile distortion unit, a mixer to combine distortion with direct sound, and an effects loop for use with external processing devices. Utilizing the same steel enclosure as the Deucetone Rat, the built-like-a-tank Juggernaut is virtually indestructible.

  • Smooth, continuously variable controls for distortion amount, filter cutoff and volume level let you preset just the right degree of overdrive, tune in on the presence without any tinny treble, and balance the output for that perfect extra boost.

  • The Juggernaut has two LED indicator lights that make the on/off status easy-to-see, with knob indicators provided for added visibility.

  • There is a master volume pot provided to control overall output level.

  • Although the unit can be operated using an internal 9v battery (not provided), it is suggested that an outboard RPS1 Rat power supply be used because of its significant current drain.

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