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The Super Looper true bypass strip was designed to take your non-true bypass effects and make them true bypass without modifying them. The second great feature of the Super Looper, is simplifying how you switch between effects. It allows you to essentially move the on/off switch of the pedals to a small strip across the front of your pedal board. By removing the tap dance required by a typical pedal board to turn the right pedals on, you can focus more on what you are playing and having fun.

Making your pedals true bypass helps in two major ways. When non-true bypass pedals are off in your signal chain, your signal still runs through the circuitry of the pedal. This can cause significant signal loss, noise, and/or unwanted coloring of your tone. When effects are bypassed using the Super Looper, the audio signal never even goes to the pedal in that loop. This is important because long runs of jumper cables from effect to effect on your typical pedal board can cause signal degradation and additional noise. If you have two or more effects that are off at any given time, that is at least three lengths of cables that are doing nothing but stealing your tone.

Start cleaning your tone today, pick up the Super Looper.

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