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The Burly Buzz is a fat, full, and most importantly, dynamic fuzz pedal. Ranging everywhere from blistering fuzz to clear crunchy overdrive, the Burly Buzz gets the job done. Your controls are Input, ?, Gain, and Output. You are all asking yourself "What is the '?' control?" It acts like a quick change magician, constantly changing how it is reacting based on where the other knobs are positioned. Watch the demo video to understand the mystery of the '?' knob.

Sporting a second stomp switch, the Burly Buzz also has an octave up circuit. No more annoying toggle switches that you have to bend over to hit. Just stomp the octave switch for your solo, then stomp again for your tone of choice to crunch down on that power chorus.

I urge you not to be put off by the term fuzz or buzz! Roll the Input back and then you get nice creamy lead tones, blues, and anything in between. The Burly Buzz is not a one trick pony, but a three ring circus of tones.

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