Prescription Electronics Static


Prescription Electronics

Prescription Electronics is proud to introduce our latest, greatest creation. EVER!

Static replicates the sound of “The Sacrifice” from the “Monterey Pop Festival.” Very real.  Very Authentic.  And if that isn’t enough, it KILLS!

Static will make your FF blush with its ability to recreate “The Man’s Sound” from his concerts and albums.  You won’t find a flabby bottom on this baby!  With three controls, you can achieve a variety of sounds you’ve never heard before, and some that you have...

"Oh my, a dream came true. I don’t know what to say other than you actually nailed it, and I’m just feeling so proud...  It’s simply amazing. The volume rolled back and the last knob set to overload a bit, I say fire yep that’s a smoking hot box. Amazing simply amazing." - Satisfied Stompboxer

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