Prescription Electronics Experience


  • Fuzz (On/Off)
    footswitch to turn the fuzz on/off
  • Octave (On/Off)
    footswitch to turn the octaver on/off
  • Swell (On/Off)
    footswitch to turn the swell function on/off
  • Vol.
    controls the output volume
  • Tone
    controls the tone (bass/treble control?)
  • Sustain
    controls the sustain
  • Swell
    controls the speed of the swell function


the Swell function creates a "backwards" effect, like the Boss SG-1 Slow Gear


myFXDB user reviews

2 reviews, average score of 8.5 / 10

2017-03-309/10  ......
2014-04-078/10  my first boutique pedal, bought in 1996. i love it. silicon muscle, octave heaven, swelling pleasure. love it...


the xperience the experience

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the xperience the experience envelope-controlled envelope follower amplitude controlled fx pedal stompbox stomp box guitar effects pedal volume loudness level volume/amplification diy
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