Positive Grid BIAS Distortion Twin


Positive Grid


  • Digital distortion pedal
  • Positive Grid Tone Match technology
  • 9 factory Distortion presets
  • Simulates tube, germanium, silicon, JFET and MOSFET clipping diodes - can mix 2 diodes
  • Built-in Compressor and Noise Gate
  • 4 tone shaping knobs (GAIN, LEVEL, TONE and BLEND)
  • An additional booster with a boost volume control and 3 booster types
  • True Bypass and Buffer Bypass
  • Integrated BIAS Pedal software for pedal design, preset management and hardware customization
  • Accessible ToneCloud for preset sharing
  • Firmware upgrades for new features


  • Mono TS Hi-Z input
  • Mono TS line output (Preamp pedal)
  • EXP. input for expression pedal with TRS cable
  • Micro USB connectivity for BIAS Pedal desktop software or optional power source
  • Bluetooth connectivity for BIAS Pedal mobile interface
  • 9V DC jack with negative tip
  • Footswitch for preset engage/bypass and save parameter
  • Footswitch button for Boost

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