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Poly Sound

  • Overdrive/Distortion: this is a 3 pedals in 1 deal: Miss Nasty + Dirty Trick = Nasty Trick, but this is basically a "Nasty Trick Deluxe"... The 2 Overdrive/Distortion circuits can be used individually or together in parallel... When used in parallel it becomes another pedal with more tone and dynamics.
  • Handmade & hand wired w/ top quality parts in the Republic of Panama
  • Operates on 9V - 18VDC for more headroom (18V Dunlop power supply or 9V Boss compatible), or 2 9V batteries
  • True-bypass
  • 2 Volume, 2 Bass, 2 Treble, & 2 Gain knobs for each distortion
  • IC sockets for easy chip replacement or experimentation with other IC chips
  • Metal film caps and resistors, as well as silver mica caps for smooth and quiet operation
  • Germanium and Silicon clipping diodes
  • Custom powder coat finish (custom colors available)
  • Custom Handmade 16 Gauge stainless steel or die-cast aluminum enclosure

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