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"Squeezey" Boutique Hand Built Compressor Guitar Pedal - quality hand fabricated construction, Alpha pots, true bypass switching - all of the GOOD stuff! Brand new in box. This is a 1N34a Germanium Diode compressor, very similar to the "Orange Squeezer" type but with upgraded diode and components. One volume knob up top, one bias trimpot located on the circuit board. The internal bias knob is a "set it and forget it" arrangement, but this can be adjusted for everything from faux distortion to subtle, "musical" compression. This box DOES love to clip hard, if you want it to - It's more fun when it's not subtle! My advice? Leave the bias pot set to where it is, and use the volume knob up top for lots of BOOST. Plenty of gain, from this little guy.

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