PNP Music RRT-1 Distortion


PNP Music


  • Output - Sets the output level
  • Distortion - Sets the amount of "fuzz"


  • 1 x PP3 9v battery
  • Standby Current - 0.435mA
  • Operating Current - 3.88mA


  • Traditional old school distortion, for that retro sound
  • Germanium diodes
  • Red LED "On" indicator
  • Only powers up when Input lead connected
  • Click prevention circuitry
  • Anti oscillation circuitry in feed back loop
  • Overall Dimensions: 112mm x 70mm x 52mm
  • Sexy little unit with that added "Fworrrrrrrr"
  • Own one and be the envy of your friends
  • One day they will be collectors items!!!!

All PnP products are hand made and hand finished to the highest standard possible for such a process.

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