PN Electronics Nessfield Bluezer


PN Electronics

Unique tone and clarity, Sounds and responds exactly like a cranked Tube Amp.

  • Has note clarity unmatched by other drive pedals
  • Can also be used as a clean boost pedal.

The amount of Drive is fully adjustable from clean through boost to cranked tube Amp sound and is sensitive to your playing, it responds like a tube amp with glorious breakup when turned up, you can bring in the overtones at will when you dig in, your guitar's tone will be faithfully retained at all settings with any amount of gain and output level you want.


  • Hand built quality, True bypass, 2 Year Warranty
  • Battery and DC9V power adaptor operation.

Now used in many recording studio's in WA and is endorsed by Lez Karski ( Hippo's Bondi Cigars and The Nervous Investors )  Used by Eskimo Joe, Dom Mariani, Dave Brewer, Guy Ghouse, Albany Blues Club and numerous working and recording musicians throughout Australia and the USA and of course by Peter himself who has the original number 1 Bluezer.

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