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Plum Crazy FX

"The Squawk" will soon take over for the TTB. It is an expansion on the TTB by a lot. It is a highly tuned negative ground (so it can be plugged in with most effects on the market) version of the TTB. This pedal expands on the TTB and most boosters on the market by adding a switch to go between a silicon boost or a germanium boost (with a great low noise CV7112 British military surplus transistor). It also has a 6-position Frequency switch as well and AC adapter and and LED. The final addition to this pedal is that the boost range has a center detent at which the pedal is tuned to give the vintage booster sound. Beyond this point the boost isn't as pronounced- instead the boost gets fatter and very full of harmonics and sustain which can sometimes approach an almost fuzz quality.

Plum Crazy FX

The Squawk-a true overdrive-a rock and blues machine. It runs the range from slight grit to near fuzz, all the while retaining the character of your guitar and amp. Based on a classic germanium boost circuit, The Squawk offers so much more. The Squawk fattens and boosts your guitar signal, pushing your amp in to a real tube overdrive. It's also very touch-sensitive-pick hard for more grit or pick softly for a  cleaner response.

The original vintage circuit was limited to boosting treble frequencies. The Squawk offers these sounds as well as a wide variety of others via a 6-position Freq control. The Freq control provides the ultimate in customizing your sound- choose bassier settings for fattening single coils or treble settings for adding sustain and chime to humbuckers.

If this weren't enough, there's even a germanium / silicon switch for choosing between a vintage germanium sound or a slightly tighter silicon punch.

Like all Plum Crazy FX pedals, The Squawk is built to take the rigors of the road. Only top quality parts are used in The Squawk:

  • Tough, cast aluminum enclosure
  • True-bypass heavy-duty footswitch
  • One super-quiet, mil-spec 2N1308 germanium transistor & one silicon transistor (user selectable)
  • Alpha Boost pot
  • Top-quality Lorlin 6-position Freq switch
  • Switchcraft enclosed jacks
  • FR4 circuit board
  • High-quality electrolytic poly film capacitors
  • 1/2w carbon-film resistors
  • Teflon-coated wire
  • Bright-purple LED
  • 9V AC adaptor jack (wired for center negative, adaptor not included)

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