Plum Crazy FX Si Clops


Plum Crazy FX

This pedal is a modern update of the classic all-silicon fuzzes that began taking over in the 70s. Compared to the Fuzzy Lady, the Si Clops is higher gain, tighter, edgier, and less polite than the Fuzzy Lady. Best suited for heavier styles of music-the Si Clops will peel paint from the walls. It's an angry beast and not for the faint of heart. Like all Plum Crazy FX pedals, only top quality parts are used in The Si Clops:

  • Tough, cast aluminum enclosure
  • True-bypass heavy-duty footswitch
  • Specially matched high-gain transistors
  • High-quality, 2-position high / low switch
  • Alpha pots
  • Switchcraft enclosed jacks
  • FR4 circuit board
  • High quality electrolytic poly film capacitors
  • 1% tolerance 1/4w metal-film resistors
  • Teflon-coated wire
  • Bright-purple LED
  • 9V AC adaptor jack (wired for center negative, adaptor not included)

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