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Plum Crazy FX

This is 1 of the 6 prototype King Rasps I made to try out turret board building.

It's a circuit copy of my 1969 Vox Tone Bender. The board is built on a hand built turret board (point to point) and has NOS Allen Bradley 1/2w resistors, Sprague Atom electrolytic capacitors and NOS Mullard Tropical Fish polyester capacitors. In addition, the germanium transistors include 1 NOS SFT337v transistor and 1 CV7003 transistor pick for that vintage raspy sound. The pots are high quality CItec and the on/off switch is a high quality Carling made switch for true bypass. The pedal even has a battery drawer so you don't have to take the back off to change the battery.

I made 6 of these and most went to friends. I had a couple left over so I might as well let someone use them. I may make a run of these in the future but right now I just want someone to get some use out of it and here's a chance to get one for a deal. It has that raspy/trebly tonebender tone. It's lower gain than my Fuzzy Lady but is similar in sound although sounding more vintage 60s.

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