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The Hambone is a super versatile, switchable Fuzzy Lady giving you the same great fuzz tones but with the added benefit of being able to switch between germanium and silicon transistors in any combination, giving you the choices of Si/Si, Ge/Ge, Si/Ge or Ge/Si all in one box. As if that wasn't cool enough the Hambones are strictly limited to a run of only 25 meaning that when their gone their gone. Don't miss out!

The sound changes made with the transistor switches are subtle - probably more subtle than you've been led to believe by all of the web discussions about silicon and germanium fuzz. In order to make the Bias work throughout the whole range with both silicon and germanium transistors they were kept within a close range. This makes the silicon sound closer to a germanium fuzz than something like a high-gain BC108-loaded fuzz that is oversaturated/buzzy. This keeps it sweeter sounding while retaining a bit of that edgier silicon sound.The first transistor (the switch on the right) has the most influence on the sound. You’ll especially notice this on the end ranges of the Bias knob when the silicon is chosen. The Fuzzy Lady sound is achieved by flipping the transistor switch on the right to silicon and flipping the transistor switch on the left to germanium.The difference in transistor switch variations will be more noticeable when the pedal is driven more (with higher gain pickups), when the pedal is turned up higher, and when it is exposed to extreme temperatures.

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