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Full tube Overdrive !

Red is Dead is a versatile overdrive pedal

It works with two ecc82 (12au7) tubes on 12v. You won't find any transistor inside. It's an handmade pedal, assembled in my workshop in France.

No PCB, only point to point wiring on solder lugs terminals, like it was used to on vintage hardware. This type of wiring has shown its proofs of reliability and accessibility.

Red Is Dead is equipped with Orange Drop 715P capacitors and JJ Tesla tubes.

More than a simple Overdrive, Red is Dead is also a standalone preamp : you can plug it directly in the fx loop of your amp or in a power amp.

Sound louder than other Overdrives...

I'd rather talk about "loud overdrive" than "distorsion".

In fact, if Red is Dead is not suitable to play extrem metal music, it will delight all hard rock, US & british rock fans.As an example, Its two tubes are sufficient  to get more gain than a JCM 800.

You have 3 knobs as settings : a gain, a tonality and a volume. It couldn't be easier ! Yet, these 3 knobs  will allow you to switch between a dark blues / rock crunch to an outstanding lead sound for loud riffs.

Red is Dead works in 12v. It comes with a power supply. You can use your own if you have a 12v output on your pedal board.

As all P&P products , it comes with a 3-year warranty, parts and service.

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