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Treble boosters slam the front end of your tube amp, pushing it well into saturation while de-emphasizing the low end that can cause mud. So what do you do when you want to switch from a rhythm tone to a lead tone? Sure you could use your guitar's volume, but that's clumsy. You could switch between two amps, but that's expensive. You could use another pedal, but that takes two stomps.

A better solution is the Dual Treble Booster. It does everything the May Treble Booster does, plus so much more. With the addition of the Vox circuit, you can now switch between a lead and rhythm tone with a simple stomp.

I choose the Vox circuit because of the way it compliments the May boost. Not as aggressive as the May Channel, the Vox Channel provides a cleaner boost, while still retaining a character that works very well with the May Channel's voicing.

The original Vox Treble Boost was a great sounding circuit, but lacked basic features we've come to expect from a modern pedal. The main problem I had with the original was the fixed, shrill voicing. With the use of the nine position tone knob, you can now dial in a setting that works with your set-up. I've also added a gain knob, which didn't exist on the original.

  • On/Off Switch - Turns the unit on or off, true bypassing the unit when off.
  • Channel Switch - This selects between the May Boost and Vox Boost channel. An LED indicates which channel is active.
  • Vox Gain - Sets the level of the Vox channel.
  • May Gain - Sets the level of the May channel.
  • Tone - Nine-way rotary tone selector. This knob works for both channels.

Other features include true bypass switching, LED Indicators, 9V battery and 2.1mm DC jack. DC jack is center negative and requires a regulated supply. Dimensions - 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.18". Shipping weight roughly 1 pound.

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