Plan-9 Suppa Fuzz Ge



The Plan-9 Suppa Fuzz MKII Ge accurately recreates the circuit, spirit and tone of the 1968 Marshall Supa Fuzz, one of the best fuzz pedals ever built.


    We only performed mods that don´t impede the obtainment of the original tones. They include true bypass, a led, a noise filter and an inverted polarity protection. We also inserted a toggle switch that acts as a tone control.


    The Plan-9 Suppa Fuzz MkII Ge is powered by two Philips OC75 black glass transistors and one metal Mullard OC76. This OC75 plus OC76 configuration was present in some early Marshall Supa Fuzz unities in the 60´s. The OC76 lower gain with two OC75 allows even a better tone than the three OC75 that we generally see in the vintage Marshall Supa Fuzz unities.

    The excellence of our germanium pedals is indebted both to the use of the best transistors available and to intensive testing. We select each transistor considering leakage and gain parameters. Then we discard the bad transistors (70% to 40% of the batch). Before being soldered on the definitive pedal circuit, the selected transistors are also tested in a prototype board especially designed for real playing tests - only if they sound good they go to the real Suppa Fuzz board.


  • Fuzz: the 'Filter' control in the original Supa Fuzz, it limits the fuzz intensity.
  • Volume
  • Hi/Lo toggle switch: this mod acts as a tone control, and varies between the original Marshall Supa Fuzz low tones, and the Sola Sound MKII based hi tones. Observe that in our pedal only the Supa Fuzz (lower) tones are historically correct. The hi tones aren´t the original MKII tones, only resemble them. Other components should be modified to obtain real MKII hi tones. We can´t offer everything in the same vintage pedal, and we won´t lie about it.
  • Internal bias trimmer for bias adjustment


  • True bypass 3PDT footswitch.
  • External power supply jack and internal 9V battery snap.
  • Hand wired circuit with off board mounting of jacks, switches and pots.
  • Selected germanium NOS transistors: two Philips OC75 (black glass) and one OC76 British Mullard.
  • Circuit protection against battery polarity inversion and hum.
  • Two Constanta potentiometers, big and tough, vintage style made in Brazil (eventually we can use CTS or Alpha).
  • Fender witch hat knobs.
  • Heavy duty metal box with electrostatic painting.
  • Detailed Operation Manual.

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