Plan-9 Super Wild Fuzz Si



The Plan-9 Super Wild Fuzz Si recreates the Univox Super Fuzz, a powerful octave-fuzz marketed since 1968 and through the 70´s. The Super Fuzz was used by bands as The Who, The Cramps, Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr, among others. It has huge gain, lots of compression and infinite sustain.


    We just performed mods that doesn´t affect the original tones. They include true bypass, a led, protection against polarity inversion, radio interference blocking, and on/off noise blocking.

Transistors and Diodes:

    To reproduce correctly the Univox original tones, we use the same transistors, six 70s NOS 2SC828 Japanese (Matsushita) silicon transistors. First we select the transistors considering their gain. Them the transistors are matched in real playing tests, and just them they are ere soldered in the definitive pedal circuit.

    The diodes are also an important component in the Super Wild Fuzz circuit and tones. We use two 70s NOS selected and matched OA90 germanium diodes.

    Through this tests we are able to recreate the sound of the Univox Super Fuzz better sounding unities, rare and difficult to be found nowadays.


  • Expander: controls the fuzz and sustain intensity
  • Balance: limits the output signal intensity
  • Tone: this key alternates medium tones and scooped medium tones.


  • True bypass 3PDT foot switch.
  • External power supply jack and internal 9V battery snap.
  • Hand wired circuit with off board mounting of jacks, switches and pots.
  • Six 70s NOS selected and matched 2SC828 Japanese (Yamashita) silicon transistors
  • Two 70s NOS selected and matched OA90 germanium diodes
  • Circuit protection against battery polarity inversion and hum.
  • Two Constanta potentiometers, big and tough, vintage style made in Brazil (eventually we can use CTS or Alpha).
  • Fender witch hat knobs.
  • Heavy duty metal box with electrostatic painting.
  • Detailed Operation Manual.

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