Plan-9 Ram's Head Muffin Si



The Plan-9 Rams Head Muffin Si recreates one of the first Big Muff Pi editions, known as the "Violet Rams Head". It´s know for its superior sound when compared to the current US and Russian versions.


    We just performed mods that doesn´t affect the original tones. The Plan-9 Rams Head has protection against polarity inversion, RF blocking, noise filter, led and true bypass.


    As the original BMP, the Plan-9 Rams Head is powered by four matched BC239 silicon transistors and four matched 1N914 silicon diodes.


  • Sustain: controls the fuzz and sustain intensity
  • Volume: limits the output signal intensity
  • Tone: controls the amount of high, medium and bass tones.


  • True bypass 3PDT footswitch.
  • External power supply jack and internal 9V battery snap.
  • Hand wired circuit with off board mounting of jacks, switches and pots.
  • Four selected BC239 transistors.
  • 4 matched 1N914 diodes.
  • Circuit protection against battery polarity inversion, radio interference and on/off noise
  • Constanta potentiometers, big and tough, vintage style made in Brazil (eventually we can use CTS or Alpha).
  • Detailed Operation Manual.

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