Plan-9 Fuzz Mutante Si



The Plan-9 Mutante Fuzz Si replicates the Fuzz Regulus VIII as used by the Brazilian psychedelic band Os Mutantes.

The Regulus fuzz was created by Cláudio César Dias Baptista, brother of the Mutantes Sergio and Arnaldo Baptista. He was responsible for the band equipment in the 60s and the 70s.

Our pedal is faithfull to the Regulus VIII schematics published by CCDB in the Brazilian electronics magazine Nova Eletronica in 1977.

We have performed just mods that don´t change the original fuzz tones. Our pedal includes true bypass, external power suply jack, led, on/off when jack IN is unplugged and circuit protection against: battery polarity inversion, radio interference and noise.

As the Regulus VIII, the Plan-9 Fuzz Mutante is equiped with two BC109 70s NOS transistors and two 1N914 diodes.

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