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Syn+The+si+ZerTM is an additive synthesizer controlled by the signal coming from the electric guitar. When a melody is being played, Syn+The+Si+Zer detects the frequency and amplitude of each note. This information is afterwards used to generate the sound coming out from the effect. The tone of the sound generated by Syn+The+Sy+Zer is created by the addition of four different signals.

  • Coloured Syn+The+Si+Zer knobs: These controls are like the faders of a mixing console. They adjust the volume of each oscillator of the Syn+The+Si+Zer. The red knob controls an oscillator with the same frequency as the input signal. The blue knob controls an oscillator with a frequency one octave lower. The green one adjusts the one octave higher oscillator. Finally, the purple knob adjusts an oscillator with a frequency two octaves higher. A wide range of tonality can be obtained by combining or using separately each oscillator.

  • Decay: This control adjusts the speed of how the sound fade after a note is played.

  • Volume: This control is the master level of the effect. The volume control reacts like an “analog device”. This means that pushing all the oscillators and the volume at their maximum will not generate digital clipping but a smooth analog distortion.

  • Unnamed switch (Waveform Switch): If you take a look at the module picture, there is an unnamed switch. It selects the waveform of the oscillators. The control is unnamed here because the waveforms can be customized.

    The basic Syn+The+Si+Zer contains the three following waveforms: square wave, sine wave and sawtooth waveform.

    More waveforms will be presented in the future months. Moreover, if you are looking for a special waveform, please feel free to communicate it. As PK Effects isn't a big company, it's possible for us to create custom effects easily.

  • Mode Switch: This control mixes the dry signal of your guitar with the synth sound. In mode 0, the dry signal is disabled. In mode 1, the red oscillator is replaced by the dry signal. The red control will affect the volume of the dry guitar signal. In mode 2, the dry signal is added at a fixed volume and the 4 knobs lets you adjust all the oscillators around the dry signal.

  • Footswitch: When pressed to the maximum, the footswitch enables/disables the effect.

Some info About the Pitch detection algorithm:

    The tracking system in the Syn+The+Si+Zer module has its own personality. And to avoid tracking issue, you have to respect some basic things.

    First, the effect is monophonic. It can only detect one note at a time. Second, the tracking system has to be configured differently depending on the instrument. So if you want to use the Syn+The+Si+Zer with a bass, you have to mention it. In this way, we will adjust the module parameters for the bass frequency range. By default, the modules are prepared for guitar. Finally, the frequency of the oscillators doesn't change when you bend a note. This is just because the effect updates the frequency when it detects that you played a new note. This is the characteristic that allow you to create an intermodulation effect when you combine the sound of your guitar with the one generated by the effect.

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