PK Effects Roller Shifter


  • Speed
  • Min
  • Max
  • Chords scales
  • Chords scales
  • Chords scales
  • Up and down (slider switch)
  • Off / 3-1 / 4-2 (slider switch)


PK Effects

The RollerShifterTM is an arpegiator for electric guitar. Basically, this effect is a polyphonic PitchShifter, which means that it is capable of transposing the pitch of the played notes. To create an arpeggio, the PitchShifter (controlled by a sequencer) will periodically vary the pitch of the notes following a pattern previously defined by the different controls.


  • Speed: This parameter controls the speed of the sequencer. Thus, the speed at which the arpeggio is played.

  • Min: This control fixes the lowest note to be played in the arpeggio. The pitch of this note will vary over a four octave interval (two octaves above and two octaves below the played note).

  • Max: This control fixes the higher note to be played by the arpegiator. The pitch of this note also varies over a four octave interval.

  • Green, Orange & Red: These controls have the same performance. They fix the chord or the scale to be played by the sequencer. Tuned at 12 o'clock, the arpegiator is configured to octave mode. The arpeggio will be formed by the played note at different octaves. Shifting the control left will reset the RollerShifter to play arpeggios with one out of seven different chords. Shifting the control right, the RollerShifter will play arpeggios based on one out of seven different scales.

    These three controls are not active simultaneously. The colour of the led (green, orange or red) let you know which potentiometer is being used. To change the control you need to press slightly on the footswitch. This enables you to have three different settings available.

  • Up and Down Switch: This control fixes the direction in which the arpeggio is played: up, up and down or down.

  • 3-1/4-2 Switch: This parameter changes the features of the arpeggio.

  • FootSwitch: Pressing it slightly with your foot, the RollerShifter will change its settings. This change will always happen in the same order: from green to orange, from orange to red, and from red to green.

Setting the entries: The RollerShifter is a mono effect. It can be connected to a stereo dock, however no signal will come out from the right channel.

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