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Roberto Pistolesi

ARIAB (Abbey Road In A Box)... easy way to get a guitar sound realistically similar to the one obtained from 1959 to 1968 by renowned guitarist Hank Marvin of the Shadows - provided you use a suitable electric guitar, echo-unit and amplifier of course!

This new (passive) unit is designed to help guitarists achieve the RECORDED sound of the guitar on the early records - but live on stage (or even at home).

The ARIAB provides that missing something that you can't quite put your finger on - but it's no exaggeration to say that this device can cause a £200-£300 guitar to be "suddenly transformed into something that people would sell their granny for".

The following are unsolicited words of praise for the Abbey Road In A Box machine - some from hearing and using the unit live, others from hearing recorded soundfiles featuring it.

"... there are a lot of sceptical people out there, and quite rightly so; but before you put this unit down TRY IT - I think you will be amazed ..." (Steve Hammond - Mean Streak, Kent)

"... Thanks for the insight into Roberto's new ARIAB Steve. I have every confidence that it will make a difference and do the job ..." (Dave Robinson - Past Masters, Yorks)

"... How did it sound? ... it seemed to give ... guitars of differing quality and players of differing approaches/abilities ... a little bit of that honk and increased my listening pleasure ..." (Paul Beard - SMSE/FOTS, Kent/Essex)

"... Hi Jim and Roberto! The sounds are very very close to the originals. Congrats! ..." (Kurt Froberg - The Ryders, Sweden)

And a few other random comments from the ShadowMusic Community threads discussing the new unit

"... This is a fantastic reproduction of the sound! Roberto's done a great job..."

"... "Resistance" has never been one of my favourite pieces but the sound is BRILLIANT!!..."

"... I think the sound files are great, and I wish I could sound like that...."

"... the produced sound ... the end result ... irrespective of the equipment used ... it sounds very very good to me ..."

"... Roberto's unit is very effective, enough to satisfy most of those looking for that sound. Congratulations ..."

"... The Dance On A/B amazed me. The box does what it says on the, er, box ..."

And yes... the first ten production model ARIAB units are about to be delivered to their lucky purchasers and the unit is now available to all Shads-style players who want to emulate the sound of the early-sixties recordings. As you can see from the illustrations, it is made with a choice of bypass switch - either a microswitch or a highest-quality footswitch.

Alberto Dani (T-Pedals)

The ARIAB is a little solid state preamp pedal designed by Roberto Pistoles with EMI's Abbey Road historic technician Malcolm Addey. The ARIAB recreates the typical mixer/hall equalization work done by Malcolm Addey on the Shadows recordings.

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